Manual Whirlpool YWMH76719CS Microwave Hood Combination

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Do you know very well about Whirlpool YWMH76719CS? We know it’s not easy to understand a new tool you are familiar with. That’s why our Whirlpool YWMH76719CS user guide is here for you.

Below we present to you an important excerpt from the Whirlpool YWMH76719CS user manual.

Setting The Clock On Your Microwave Oven

The clock is either a 12-hour clock (12:00-11:59) or a 24-hour clock (0:00-23:59). To set the clock, go to OPTIONS/CLOCK and select Clock from the submenu. The Clock submenu also allows you to change the clock format (12 hours with AM and PM or 24 hours).

Timer, Touch the Timer control when the microwave oven is in standby mode, input the time, then touch the Timer control or the Start control. While the Timer is counting down, you can input cook functions. Touch Timer control when the Timer countdown is live in the display to cancel the timer.

Activate Control Lock to prevent unintentional start. Touch and hold the Cancel control for around 3 seconds until two tones are heard and the padlock icon shows on the screen. To regain control, repeat the process.

Demonstration Mode, Activate to practice controlling the magnetron without really turning it on. To activate Demo Mode, go to OPTIONS/CLOCK and select Demo Mode from the submenu. The DEMO symbol will appear on the screen. To deactivate, repeat.

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Conserve energy, When the microwave oven is in standby mode, the clock will automatically switch off to save energy. Touch OPTIONS/CLOCK to open the Clock and Energy Save submenu, then switch on Clock by following the instructions.

Using the Microwave Oven

Cooking by Hand/Stage Cooking

Press COOK TIME, then use the number pads to enter the time, COOK POWER (if not 100 percent), then use the number pads to enter the power level (10-90), and then touch the Start control.

If you want to program more than one stage (up to three), go to OPTIONS/CLOCK and input the next stage’s programming, then enter the cooking time and power for each stage, then evaluate the Start control.

Cooking using sensors

The moisture emitted from the food as it warms is detected by a sensor in the microwave oven, which changes the cooking time appropriately. Check that the microwave oven has been turned on for at least one minute. Use a microwave-safe dish with a loose-fitting lid, or cover and vent a microwave-safe dish. Wait at least 30 minutes after convection cooking or grilling (on some models) before sensor cooking for best results.


Within the first 20 seconds of commencing the cook cycle, press COOK TIME repeatedly to browse between “NORMAL,” “MORE DONE,” or “LESS DONE” for automated cooking options.

Defrost functions cannot be modified for doneness.

Increase the duration

“PRESS 0 TO ADD MORE TIME” scrolls over the display at the end of each cycle. Start the microwave oven after adding the extra time if desired. All non-sensor cycles will have the same cook power as the ended cycle, however, this may be altered. The cook power will be 100% if Add More Time is used after a sensor cycle, although this may be modified.

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Hold warm

The microwave oven may be used to keep hot cooked food warm. The Warm Hold feature consumes 10% of the total cooking power. Warm Hold can be used independently or in conjunction with a cooking cycle. The function will be canceled if the door is opened during Warm Hold.

Microwave Oven Care

Cleaning Services

IMPORTANT: Make sure all controls are turned off and the microwave oven is cold before cleaning. Always read and obey cleaning product labels.

Keep the cavity, microwave intake cover, cooking rack supports, and the region where the door contacts the frame clean to prevent arcing and damage to the microwave oven. Clean with a gentle cloth or sponge with mild soap, water, or as directed below.

Nonstick cavity coating (on some models): Do not use metal or sharp utensils or scrapers, or any sort of abrasive cleaning or scrubbers to prevent damaging the microwave oven cavity.

Feature: Steam Clean Cavity (on some models). Refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

Grease filter: wash with mild soap and water or put in the dishwasher.

Glass cleaning applied to a paper towel or mild soap and water for the door and outside.

Control panel: water, sponge, or soft fabric. Stainless steel (on certain models): wash with mild soap and water, rinse, dry with a soft cloth, or use stainless steel cleaning. Dishwasher or mild soap and water for the turntable. Mild soap, water, and a washcloth are on the rack(s). Cleaning the dishwasher is not advised.

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