TOZO T6 User Manual Instruction Guide

Find the download link of the TOZO T6 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds user manual here. This manual is available in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Read our snippet to get an idea of ​​what you need before getting your new earbuds.

TOZO Z6 Wireless Earbud

New device users often overlook manuals. We recommend that you keep reading the user manual. Because by reading the manual you will know the features you may not know before. Indeed, wireless audio devices are currently a trend.

This manual looks very simple but informative. All information about TOZO T6 can be found in this manual. And here is an excerpt from the TOZO T6 manual. 

Product Diagramatic Sketch

In this session, you are introduced to the name of the part of the earbud, like a light indicator that will give you information on the remaining battery in the earbud case. These earbuds also support touch panels on the right and left earbuds. 

Wearing Steps

These are instructions on how to insert the earbuds into your ear canal. The manual is explained with prominent and easy-to-understand pictures and then teaches how to connect the earbuds on the cellphone. 

How to turn off and Turn on

Below is how to turn off and reset the TOZO T6 Earbuds. Please see and read carefully.


To do good and correct battery charging, follow the instructions we attach below.

Button Operation

The first time described in this chapter is information about the LED indicators on the earbuds. The color of the light on the earbuds has meaning. If you want more details, you can read about it in the pdf manual, which you can download at the end of this page. The second describes the buttons on the left and right earbuds.

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Download User Manuals

The overview above tells us that user manuals are essential. So that the TOZO T6 Earbuds owner is not confused about when they will operate it, you can download the pdf of the user manual below for complete information.

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