LuxPRO ‎PSP511LC Thermostat Manual

LuxPRO ‎PSP511LC Thermostat

The LuxPRO PSP511LC Thermostat user guide includes tips, on how to use it, general troubleshooting, and more. You can’t go wrong buying this Thermostat, because it’s the best stuff. You will be very helpful when using it.

Many great features you can use. If you have just purchased a Thermostat before you are familiar with its features and navigation process. We have the LuxPRO PSP511LC Thermostat Manual to help you. You will learn quickly when you read this manual. As you read on you will know the great features of this Thermostat, as well as preventing errors from causing damage to the appliance.

We’ll provide a little snippet of the manual below. And we have included a more detailed and complete manual pdf file. Later you can download from the button at the end of this page.


Most single-stage 24-volt gas, oil, or electric heating and/or cooling systems, single-stage heat pumps, or gas Millivolt heating systems can utilize this thermostat. 3-wire zone valves, 120-volt heating systems, and multi-stage heat pumps are not compatible. To regulate those systems, ask your dealer about additional LUXPRO thermostats.

Setup Options

System Sort Setting: 

This setting informs the thermostat about the type of heating and cooling equipment it is in charge of, ensuring appropriate operation of the system. “Furnace (Fn)” or “Heat Pump (HP)” are the two operating modes available depending on your system type. Make sure this is set to “Fn” if you have a furnace. Make sure this is set to “HP” if you have a Heat Pump.

Before continuing, replace two Energizer® or DURACELL® “AA” size alkaline batteries. Make sure the batteries are inserted in the correct order according to the markings on the battery tray. Press and hold the HOLD button on the back of the unit’s circuit board while the thermostat is powered by batteries, and then press and hold the Hardware Reset button on the back of the unit’s circuit board. Hold the HOLD button down until the word “SYS” appears on the LCD panel. Toggle between “Fn” and “HP” modes by using the UP or DOWN keys. Press NEXT when you’re finished. This setting is now finalized, and it will not change unless you make another adjustment. This holds true even if the power goes off or if the reset button is hit.

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NOTE: The circuit board on the back of the thermostat houses all of the settings, choices, and components indicated in this section.

Reset The Hardware.

The hardware reset button is a push button on the circuit board’s right edge, immediately above the battery placement. The thermostat uses this reset button to reset the clock and read the position of all of the option switches. The hardware reset button must be pressed when any of the following items are modified in order for the change to be acknowledged. When a hardware reset is performed, the user temperature programs are not wiped.

Control Of The Heat Fan

When the fan is in Heat mode, this setting determines how the fan operates. When the fan is in Auto, this setting determines how the fan operates. This option has no impact if the thermostat is set to Cool or if the “G” wire terminal is not connected to a blower fan.

If you have a gas or oil heating system, use this option. When the heating system is set to GAS, the blower fan is controlled by the heating system itself (if equipped).

If you have a Heat Pump or an Electric heating system, use this option. The heating system requires the thermostat to control the operation of the blower fan in the ELEC setting. The following option settings are all found in the middle of the circuit board, among a collection of tiny switches labeled 1 through 4 as seen below.

Time Schedule

This controls how the clock and other times are shown on the thermostat’s screen. The timer for the switch position OFF is 12 hours and the timer for the switch position ON is 24 hours.

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Scale Of Temperature

The thermostat’s presentation of all temperatures on the screen is determined by this setting. The OFF position is F°, while the ON position is C°.

Display Of Filters

When the rotary dial is set to the AIR FILTER position, this defines how the remaining filter life will be shown. The display will tally down the percentage of air filter life left before recommending a filter change in the Percent (percent) mode. In Days mode, the display will count down the number of calendar days left before recommending a filter change. Percent mode is turned off, and Days mode is turned on.

Battery Inspector

This regulates whether or not the internal battery voltage monitor monitors the state of the thermostat’s batteries. Unless the thermostat is powered only by System Power and no batteries are available, this option should always be enabled. Battery Monitor is on (enabled) when the switch is turned off, and off when the switch is turned on (Disabled).

Advanced Features

Setting For Swing

When the room temperature deviates from the set-point temperature, a thermostat activates your heating or cooling system. The “swing” refers to the degree of variance. About 3 to 6 times every hour, your system should turn on. A lower swing number increases the number of cycles each hour, resulting in a more exact and consistent room temperature. A higher swing number reduces the number of cycles per hour but, in most circumstances, saves energy.

Turn the dial to RUN mode to alter the Swing set. Hold down the NEXT and HOLD buttons for a few seconds, then release both. The phrases SWING and SET, together with a number, will show on the screen. To adjust the number value between 1 and 9, use the UP/DOWN buttons. The default option is number one. To accept the setting and return to regular Run mode, press the NEXT button.

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Temperature Calibration

This thermostat’s internal temperature sensor has been precisely calibrated at the manufacturer. You may use the Temperature Calibration function to manually offset the observed temperature by up to 5°F (3°C) degrees from its original value. If numerous thermostats are used in the same residence, this function might be handy for matching this one to another or more.

Turn the dial to RUN mode and the Temperature mode switch to the OFF position to adjust the Temperature Calibration. Hold down the UP and DOWN buttons for one second, then release both. The words CAL and SET, together with a number, will show on the screen. Change the numerical value between -5°F (-3°C) and +5°F (+3°C) degrees by using the UP/DOWN buttons. The default option is 0 degrees of adjustment. To accept the setting and return to Run mode, press the NEXT button.

Above is a snapshot of the LuxPRO PSP511LC Thermostat manual. We think it’s still incomplete, and if you want to get a complete and detailed manual, please download the pdf below.

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