User Manual HISENSE ROKU TV Class 50R6E 2018

HISENSE ROKU TV Class 50R6E 2018

This user manual will help you understand the HISENSE ROKU TV Class 50R6E 2018. The manual we provide uses 3 languages, namely English, French, and Spanish.

Important information will be provided here to understand your television. When you buy a new TV, you must be very excited to immediately turn it on. But we suggest you understand your TV and check every part of the TV.

The HISENSE ROKU TV Class 50R6E 2018 manual is here to help you provide essential information, on how to operate, how to connect the antenna, and some troubleshooting if an error occurs. We provide a brief summary of the user manual to get an overview.

Connecting your TV to Other Devices

There are multiple ways to connect your TV to various devices. The technique you pick will be determined by the type of cables you have and the device’s accessible outputs.

The following are some of the connections you can make with this TV.

  1. Setting up an antenna, cable box, or satellite receiver.
  2. Using a composite video cable (yellow/white/red) to connect a satellite receiver, DVD player, or other audiovisual (AV) devices.
  3. Using an HDMI cable to connect an AV device
  4. Plugging in a USB device
  5. Connecting audio receivers or speakers
  6. Using Audio Return Channel with a digital soundbar (ARC).

Instructions on how to connect it are in the user manual. Everything is written in full, at the end of this page you will be given a link to download the file in pdf format.

Quick Solutions to Problems

There is no sound or image:

  1. Make sure the power wire is hooked into an AC socket with electricity.
  2. To activate the unit from ‘Standby’ mode, press the [] button on the remote control.
  3. Make sure the LED light is turned on. If it is, the television is getting electricity.
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I have an external source connected to my TV, but there is no picture or sound.

  1. Verify that the external source’s output connection is accurate, as well as the TV’s input connection.
  2. Confirm that you have selected the right input mode for the incoming signal.

When I switch on my television, there is a little pause before the picture displays. Is this typical?

  1. This is very normal. The television is starting up and looking for prior settings.

Although the image is normal, there is no sound.

  1. Double-check the volume controls.
  2. Make sure ‘Mute’ mode is turned on.

There is no picture or it is black and white.

  1. Unplug the TV from the AC socket and plug it back in after 60 seconds if the picture is black and white.
  2. Make sure the Color is set to at least 50.
  3. Attempt different television channels.

The sound and/or image is wavy or distorted.

  1. An electric appliance might be interfering with the TV. Turn off any nearby appliances and move them away from the television. Place the TV’s power connector into a different power socket.

The sound and image are distorted or cut off.

  1. If you’re utilizing an external antenna, double-check its direction, location, and connection.
  2. Reset or fine-tune the channel or adjust the direction of your antenna.

The image has a horizontal or vertical stripe on it, and/or it is shaking.

  1. Determine whether a neighboring appliance or electronic equipment is producing interference.

A “clicking” sound is produced by the plastic cabinet.

  1. When the temperature of the television changes, the ‘click’ sound may occur. The television cabinet expands or contracts as a result of this shift, producing sound. This is typical, and the television is OK.
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The remote control is broken.

  1. Make sure the TV is still powered up and working.
  2. Replace the remote control’s batteries.
  3. Make sure the batteries are placed appropriately.

The above is an excerpt from the contents of the user manual. To get detailed and in-depth information. Please download the pdf file below. We provide everything for your satisfaction. Hope you get the information you’ve been looking for all this time.

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