User Manual Aavik D-180 280 580 DAC

Aavik D-180 280 580 DAC

Get the Aavik D-180 280 580 user manual as your go-to source for essential features and answers to all your questions about this great audio device. Imagine you have a new audio device that is foreign to you. This device is costly; you don’t want to break it. We thank the factory Aavik for creating this great device.

Maybe the purchase box already included the manual. However, if you want something more concise, we provide a pdf file that you can download at the end of this page.

Previously we will give a little snippet about the manual Aavik D-180 280 580. 


The selected source is visible on the left side of the display while it is in regular functioning. The m up/down buttons can be used to switch sources when navigation mode is engaged. The display will show the new setting when a setting is modified.


To put the DAC into standby mode or to come out of standby mode, use the standby power button. The faint LED light in the lower left corner of the DAC will be the only light visible when it is in standby mode. The outputs will be muted when you turn on the DAC, and a line will begin to glow at the bottom of the displays in the lower left corner.

Button For Mute/Remote Control Pairing

There are numerous uses for the mute button. The DAC outputs will be muted if you quickly hit this button. The specified source will be replaced by the word “Mute” on the display.

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You can pair the DAC with one particular remote if you’re using an Apple remote. Press and hold the front panel mute button for more than one second to associate your remote control with the DAC. The display will begin to slowly flash when the DAC is prepared to pair.

Press a button on your remote control that is pointed towards the DAC to pair. “Paired” will appear on the screen. To resume regular operation, press the front panel mute button once again.

By pushing the front panel mute button for longer than five seconds, you can break the pairing, causing the DAC to cease responding to the remote once more. The displays will begin to flash quickly after the five seconds have passed. To finish the process, press a button on the remote control. “Unpaired” will appear on the display. To resume regular operation, press the front panel mute button once again.

Button For Navigation/Menu

The source of your choice can be chosen using the navigation button. Input selection is activated by briefly pressing the navigation button. The screen will flash while displaying the chosen input. The desired source can be chosen by pressing the up/down buttons on the a/b remote. To exit input selection mode, press the navigation button once more.

Download Manual Aavik D-180 280 580

Above we gave some of the functions that are on the panel of the Aavik D-180 280 580. There is much more information in the user manual. We cannot describe everything on this website. We suggest you download the pdf manual that we have provided below. So you can read it whenever you need it.

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