User Manual HISENSE 55H6500F 55″ Class H65 Series 4K UHD ANDROID SMART TV

HISENSE 55H6500F 55 Class H65 Series 4K UHD ANDROID SMART TV

We will provide you with the HISENSE 55H6500F 55″ Class – H65 Series 4K UHD ANDROID SMART TV user manual. To help you simplify the installation, and have a solution in case of troubleshooting.

This is the table of contents of the user manual smart tv hisense 55h6500f that we have attached.

Table Of Contents

  1. Connecting Devices to your TV
  2. Connecting an antenna, cable set-top box or satellite receiver
  3. Connecting a satellite receiver, DVD player or other audio visual (AV) devices composite video cable (yellow/red/white)
  4. Connecting an AV device with an HDMI cable
  5. Connecting a headphone
  6. Connecting a USB device
  7. Connecting speakers or other audio receivers
  8. Connecting a digital sound bar to use Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  9. Connecting Your TV to a Wireless or Wired Network
  10. Connecting to a wireless network
  11. Connecting to a wired (Ethernet) network
  12. Using Your TV Remote Control
  13. Buttons on your TV remote
  14. Remote control range information
  15. Begin using your remote
  16. Pairing the Remote Control
  17. Other
  18. Completing the Setup Wizard Menu
  19. Shortcuts Instructions
  20. Turning your TV on or off
  21. Using the Live TV
  22. Using shortcuts
  23. Home
  24. Getting familiar with the home screen
  25. Menu

Connecting a USB device

  1. You can connect the USB devices such as hard drives, USB sticks and digital cameras for browsing photos, listening to music and watching recorded videos.
  2. Connect a USB device into the USB port.
  3. Select the content you want to play or view. For more information, see Media on page 28.
  4. When connecting a hard disk or a USB hub, always connect the mains adapter of the connected device to the power supply. Exceeding a total current consumption may result in damage. The USB1.1 and USB2.0 devices maximum current consumption are 500mA.
  5. For individual non-standard high-capacity mobile hard disk, if its impulse current is greater than 500mA, it may cause TV-rebooting or self-locking. So, the TV does not support it.
  6. The USB port supports a voltage of 5V.
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Connecting speakers or other audio receivers

  1. To connect speakers or other audio receivers with an audio cable (not provided):
  2. Use an audio cable to connect the digital audio in port of the audio receiver device to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT port of the TV. Another option is to use an RCA Y-cable (1/8”-stereo mini to L/R phono) to connect

That is a small excerpt from the user manual of HISENSE 55H6500F 55″ Class H65 Series 4K UHD ANDROID SMART TV. The full version of the manual is available in English, French, Spanish. You can download the link below.

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