Instruction Manual Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar is an audio device that is very much sought after today because of its excellent audio quality. Sennheiser is a company that is 76 years old but has always refrained from producing Bluetooth speakers or multi-room smart speakers. But in 2020 for the first time, they made a Soundbar.

Their soundbar is named Ambeo, and the sound quality is unquestionable. Ok, if you have bought this audio device, forget it for a moment. Let’s discuss how to use Soundbar Ambeo properly without breaking it. We will provide an official manual from the manufacturer, later you can download it from the link we have included at the bottom of this page.

To give you an idea of the instruction manual, we’ll first provide a snippet of it. Immediately, you can read it below.

Setting up the AMBEO Soundbar

The Soundbar is placed on the device’s feet. Overheating causes material deterioration. The Soundbar may overheat if there isn’t enough airflow. Keep the minimal clearances and guarantee circulating airflow by avoiding placing any things on the Soundbar.

Surfaces of furniture are at risk of discoloration! Varnish or furniture polish may cause the product’s feet to deteriorate, perhaps staining your furniture. Avoid using the product on fragile surfaces and, if required, apply a non-slip pad below it. Remove the Soundbar from the package with the assistance of a second person. Remove the covering foil from the dish. Remove the OLED display’s protective foil.

Installing the Soundbar on the Wall

The SB01-WM wall mount is required to install the Soundbar to a wall. Use the drilling template and follow the installation instructions (included with the SB01-WM wall mount).

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The AMBEO Soundbar may be connected to a variety of devices.

Between the piece of furniture and the Soundbar, place a protective material (e.g., the foam pieces of the packing or a blanket). Turn the Soundbar on its front carefully.

Connecting a Bluetooth/NFC device to the AMBEO Soundbar.

Bluetooth standard 4.2 is supported by the Soundbar. Music is automatically played in high audio quality if your audio source supports one of the following high-resolution audio encoding methods: AAC. Otherwise, your music will be played in standard audio quality via the Soundbar (SBC). The Soundbar automatically tries to connect to the last used Bluetooth device when selecting the “Bluetooth” input or when switching on using the “Bluetooth” input.

Up to eight Bluetooth devices with which the Soundbar has been linked can have their connection profiles saved. If you associate the Soundbar with the ninth Bluetooth device, the least-used Bluetooth device’s stored connection profile will be overwritten. You must pair the earbuds again to re-establish a connection with the overwritten Bluetooth device. If a device is already connected, you must first unplug it before connecting to a new one. The Near Field Communication (NFC) capability may be used to quickly couple the devices.

Maintaining the AMBEO Soundbar.

Cleaning the Soundbar.

Liquids can harm the product’s circuitry! Liquids getting into the product’s enclosure might cause a short and harm the electronics. All liquids should be kept away from the product. No chemicals or cleaning agents should be used. Only a soft, dry towel should be used to clean the product. The Soundbar’s fabric cannot be removed. Using a gentle brush, clean the cloth.

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The remote’s battery has to be replaced.

Turn one turn counter-clockwise with an appropriate object (e.g. a penny) to open the battery compartment lid. Remove the battery that has been used. Dispose of used batteries at designated collection places or return them to your specialized dealer to help the environment. In the battery compartment, place the replacement battery (type CR2032, 3 V). When adding the battery, make sure the polarity is right. Degree the battery compartment lid one turn clockwise to close it.

Installing firmware updates Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

Firmware upgrades are available for free and help to improve the product’s performance as well as provide new features. Using a USB flash drive or the Sennheiser Smart Control app, you may upgrade the firmware of the Soundbar.

The Smart Control app is used to update the system.

The Soundbar must be connected to the Internet through WiFi or Ethernet to update the firmware using the Smart Control app. On your phone, open the Smart Control app. The app informs you about firmware upgrades that are available and walk you through the installation procedure.

Update via a USB flash drive

USB flash drive is required: 1 GB of memory, FAT file system Download the “image.swu” update file from the website and save it to a USB flash drive. Don’t tamper with the filename! Turn on the Soundbar. Connect the USB flash drive to the Soundbar’s USB port.

Download Instruction Manual Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

Above we have outlined a snippet of the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar instruction manual. If you want more detailed information about the Ambeo soundbar manual, please download the pdf file below.

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