Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 Manual

It’s great to have the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 portable music player. This music player is the best at the moment. Many reviewers give the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 five stars, because the sound it produces is very good. Not only that, but the body of this tool is also very sturdy. We found nothing bad about this music player.

However, we hope that you will then be complacent not to read the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 manual. We know you are very happy right now. But reading the manual for us is mandatory because in the manual there is a lot of important information and instructions for use.

Important features you usually have to learn from the manual. In addition, there are instructions on how to use the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 correctly. Thus avoiding fatal damage.

We’ll give you a small excerpt from the manual below.

Turning the device on and off

  1. To turn on the gadget, press and hold the [Power] button.
  2. Press and hold the [Power] button while the gadget is turned on to turn it off. A message of confirmation will display.
  3. To switch off the gadget, press [OK].

Switching the screen on and off

  1. To turn off the screen while it is on, hit the [Power] button.
  2. To turn it on, press the [Power] button once more.

Reset the device.

To force a shutdown in the event of an unexpected device failure or freeze, press and hold [Power] for 7 seconds. After the shutdown is complete, the device can be restarted.

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Charging via USB Wall Adapter

Charging may be done with commercially available 9V 1.67A output adapters. Fast charging time: 3 hours (fully charged, power off, 9V 1.67A adapter) / Normal charging time: 5 hours (fully charged, power off, 5V 2A adapter) A 9V 1.67A rapid charger can be utilized. The gadget will not charge and may malfunction if you use a 12V adaptor. The manufacturer is not liable for any difficulties resulting from the use of adapters that do not meet the manufacturer’s standards.

Connecting to a Computer

  1. 1. Switch on the gadget as well as your PC.
  2.  Connect the device to a computer using a USB Type-C connection according to the settings in [Menu – Settings – USB Mode].
  • [Automatic] Transfer files from a PC to a media device (USB drive).
  • DAC Input: Use the device to listen to music stored on a linked computer.

Note: Android File Transfer is available for Mac users to download and install from the Astell&Kern website. [ > Support > Download] ( > Support > Download).

Before connecting the device to the computer, close any apps that aren’t essential.

Other than the USB Type-C cable that came with the device, do not use any other cables. This may result in problems.

On a Mac, only use USB 2.0

When connecting to a MAC with a Type-C port, a Type-C-to-Type-C cable is suggested. A mode selection pop-up box will display when a USB connection is established when playing a DSD or DXD file, with the following options:

  • External device connection: Connect the player to a computer to transfer data, a USB DAC to listen to music, or a CD Ripper to listen to music.
  • Charge the gadget: Make sure the device is charged.
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Copy Files (Folders) to the Device

Select the files/folders you want to copy from your computer and drag and drop them into the device folder. 

Make sure the USB Type-C cable is connected properly. While copying or transferring files/folders, turning off the device, computer, or unplugging the USB Type-C cable may damage the data or device memory. The computer and/or operating system environment may have an impact on file transfer rates.

Delete Files (or Folders) from the Device

  1. Right-click the mouse on the file/folder you want to delete, then select [Delete].
  2. To remove the specified files/folders, choose [Yes] in the [Confirm File/Folder Deletion] window.

Insert/Remove a MicroSD Card

  1. Carefully put a microSD card into the microSD card slot, as shown in the diagram.
  2. On the Home Screen, choose [Securely remove SD card] from the Notification Bar or [Unmount SD card] from [Menu – Settings – System Information] to safely remove a microSD card.
  3. Gently press the microSD card into the slot to open and release it.

Note: Recommended microSD Cards SAMSUNG, SANDISK Maximum Capacity: 1TB

Firmware Updates 

Wi-Fi Update / OTA (Over-the-Air)

  1. Make sure you’re connected to a wireless network.
  2. If a new firmware update is available, a Firmware Update Guide window will appear on the screen.
  3. Click the [Update] button.
  4. To complete the firmware upgrade, follow the on-screen instructions.

The article above is just a small excerpt from the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 manual. To read the full version, you can download the pdf manual that we have provided below. Please click the download button and you will get the complete official manual from the Astell & Kern A&futura SE180 factory. Hopefully, this can be useful and help you.

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