Fiio BTR5 Manual Quick Start Guide

Fiio BTR5 Manual User Guide

The Fiio BTR5 Bluetooth user manual can help you to find out the features and specifications of this device. You can read this article for more detailed information.

For people who like portable audio must already know the Fiio brand. This is one of the best brands of portable audio equipment, so you can’t go wrong buying the Fiio BTR5.

If you have recently purchased this audio device, we recommend that you read the user manual. Because it’s vital if you don’t read then you won’t know what features are in this device.

You don’t have to worry about having trouble finding the manual because we have prepared it here for you. On this website, we will provide a snippet of the contents of the manual and the manual in pdf format which you can download at the end of the page.

Explanation of the Operation

Hold button A for around 3 seconds while the gadget is turned off to turn it on. Hold button A for around 5 seconds while the gadget is on to turn it off. Hold button A for around 10 seconds to reset.

Short press button A when the device is turned on but not on the menu screen to turn off/on the display. Hold button A for around 2 seconds when the device is turned on but not on the menu page to activate the menu. Hold button A on the menu page for roughly 2 seconds to exit the menu. Toggle submenus: Shortly tap the A/B button to return to the menu page. Choose choices from a submenu: Shortly tap the C/D button on the menu page.

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How to pair the BTR5 with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

To re-enter pairing mode after a successful pairing with device1, press and hold button B for around 5 seconds. On-device 2, look for “BTR5” and couple it with the BTR5. Return to device 1, and in the Bluetooth device list, pick “FiiO BTR5” to reconnect them. After a successful connection with device2, you may restart the BTR5 so that it can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Note that the BTR5 can only connect to two devices at the same time.

Switch to reconnecting mode (not on the menu page).

  • If the device loses connectivity (the display will say “RECONNECT”), press and holds button B for a few seconds to initiate the reconnection.
  • When the device is rebooted, it will reconnect to the last device it was connected to.

When the BTR5 is turned on and the Android smartphone is unlocked with NFC enabled, just tap the detecting area of the BTR5 to begin pairing.

Charge settings

When the BTR5 is turned on, connect it to a USB power supply, or turn it on after adding a USB power supply. The display will display a popup asking if you want to turn off the charging feature, which will be labeled “CHARGE OFF?” At this point, tap any button to turn off the charging.

If no operation is performed within 10 seconds, the charging feature will be turned on by default. When the BTR5 is used as a mobile phone decoder, this feature comes in handy.

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Note: If the prompt page is closed after the time limit has expired, you may still use the menu to enable or disable the charging feature.

Connecting to Computer

If you’re utilizing USB Audio 2.0 mode on a Windows PC, you’ll need to download and install the USB DAC driver from FiiO’s official website. (There is no need to install the driver on MAC systems, but you must set the BTR5 as the default audio output device.) Download/FiiO Support/FiiO Support/FiiO Support/FiiO Support/FiiO

There is no need for a driver while utilizing USB Audio 1.0 mode. After attaching the BTR5a to the computer, just choose it as the default audio output device. It’s best to set the computer’s volume to maximum and use the BTR5 to manage the output volume.

How to Use Fiio BTR5 Bluetooth

Turn the BTR5 2021 on. The C to C adapter included with the BTR5 2021 allows you to connect the BTR5 to an Android handset. The BTR5 2021 will automatically remind you to turn on the “USB Audio Adapter” mode when a USB connection is detected.

By pushing any of the buttons, you may turn off the charging function and enter the “USB Audio Adapter” Mode. When you play a music file, BTR5 will update the sampling rate at the same time. You may disable this feature in the FiiO Control APP if you don’t want the menu to appear every time the BTR5 connects to a USB.

Download Manual Fiio BTR5 Bluetooth

Above we have described an excerpt from the Fiio BTR5 manual. However, if you still want to get more and more detailed information, you can download the pdf file that we have attached below. Please click the download button and you can read the full pdf document.

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