User Manual TCL 50S425 4K ROKU TV


The TCL 50S425 4K ROKU TV User Manual is a must read when you buy a new TV. A lot of useful information is in it.

The TCL 50S425 is a very good smart TV and much in demand. This TV has many interesting features. If you just bought it, surely you can’t wait to watch this tv soon. But you don’t need to rush. To use the full potential of the tv, you will need a user manual. That way you will be better prepared to use the TV.

The user manual of TCL 50S425 can help you avoid fatal errors when operating the TV. Here’s a quick overview of what’s in the TCL 50S425 4K ROKU TV user manual pdf.

Set up your new TV

Open the box and remove the TV and other items. Be careful, the TV is heavy! We strongly recommend that two people unbox the TV. Be sure to check all the foam packaging as the stands from some TV’s are stored in the foam for protection. 

To mount on a wall

If you are mounting your TCL Roku TV to the wall, do not attach the TV base stand or TV stand column. 

To mount your TV to the wall, purchase the one of the following VESA wall mounts:

  •  43″ model VESA 100 x 100, M6 x 12mm screws
  • 49″ model VESA 200 x 200, M6 x 12mm screws
  • 50″ model VESA 200 x 200, M6 x 12mm screws
  • 55″ model VESA 200 x 200, M6 x 12mm screws
  • 65″ model VESA 400 x 200, M6 x 12mm screws 

The VESA number is the horizontal and vertical measurement of the mounting holes. For example, 100 x 200 indicates that the mounting holes are spaced 100mm horizontally and 200mm vertically. Follow the directions supplied with the wall mount to mount the TV to the wall. Caution: Your wall mount must be able to bear a minimum of five times the TVs net weight to avoid damage.

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Connections and setup

Refer to your TV’s Quick Start Guide or other provided documentation to for modelspecific information about attaching the base or a wall mount and making connections to AC power and to your other audio/video devices. The following information applies to all TCL Roku TV models.

Connecting an antenna, cable, or satellite box

If you are using an antenna, CATV cable without a set-top box, or a cable or satellite box that has only an antenna output, connect a 75-ohm coaxial cable (not provided) from the device to the ANT/CABLE input on the TV. Tip: If you are using an antenna with a 300 ohm twin-lead cable, you need to use a 300-to-75 ohm adapter (not provided) to adapt the twin-lead cable to a connection that is compatible with the TV’s antenna input.

Tip: If you receive your TV stations through a set top box from a cable or satellite TV provider, connect it to the TV using the best connection method available. From most to least desirable:

  • HDMI® input – Digital HD and SD video
  • AV input – analog SD video
  • Antenna input – analog SD video using NTSC

Connecting external equipment with a composite AV video cable

If the best connection available on your device is AV or composite video output, connect it to the TV using a composite AV cable (not provided). Composite AV cables typically have three RCA-type plugs on each end, color coded as follows:

  • Yellow – Video
  • Red – Audio, right channel
  • White or black – Audio, left channel

Connect each plug to the corresponding connector on the device and on the TV.

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Note: Select models have an AV Input that looks like a headphone jack. Use the breakout cable (included) to adapt this input to the three RCA-type plugs on your composite cable.

Preparing for Internet connectivity

If you want to watch streaming content and take advantage of the cool features of your TCL Roku TV, connect it to the Internet through a wireless modem/router or a wireless access point (not provided). The TV has a built-in wireless LAN adapter.

Note: The TV supports only its internal wireless network adapter—it does not support the use of a USB network adapter.

Select 4K models have wired in addition to wireless network connectivity. To use the wired network connection, connect an RJ-45 Ethernet cable (not provided) from the jack on the back of your TV to your network router or switch. The wired connection supports both 10 Base-T and 100 Base-T Ethernet. 

Resetting the TV

You can choose to reset only the TV picture and audio settings to their original values, or perform a full factory reset to return the TV to the state it was in when you first unpacked and turned it on. 

Reset audio/video settings

To reset only the TV picture and audio settings to their original values, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset, and then highlight Reset TV audio/video settings. Read the information on the screen to make sure you understand what the reset operation does. To proceed with the reset operation, press PLAY/PAUSE three times in a row.

Factory reset everything

A full factory reset returns the TV’s settings to their original state and removes all personally identifiable information from the TV. When finished, you must repeat Guided Setup, reconnecting to the Internet, re-linking your Roku account, and reloading any streaming channels. 

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You also must repeat Antenna TV setup and input configuration. Factory reset is the recommended choice if you want to transfer the TV to another owner, and it is the only choice if you want to switch from Store mode to Home mode (if you inadvertently selected Store mode during Guided Setup). 

To perform a factory reset, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset, and then highlight Factory reset everything. Read the information on the screen to make sure you understand what this reset operation does. To proceed with the full factory reset, use the on-screen number pad to enter the code displayed on the screen, and then select OK to proceed. When the factory reset operation completes, the TV restarts and displays the first Guided Setup screen.

Download User Manual

As you can see, the information contained in this TCL 50S425 4K ROKU TV user guide is very useful to know. Having a manual is important. Be sure to download a full copy via the link below. Documents in pdf format.

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