Manual TCL 55S515 Roku TV 4K HDR

TCL 55S515 Roku TV 4K HDR

Need help figuring out your new TCL 55S515 Roku TV 4K HDR? Make sure you read the manual that we will provide on this website. There’s definitely something exciting about buying a new TV, especially if it’s the TCL 55S515. When your happiness is over, it’s time to sit down and find out what this TV can do.

Luckily we have provided the TCL 55S515 Roku TV 4K HDR manual to answer any questions you may have about this TV. Packed with informative chapters, you only need to read a few minutes to get to know them all.

The manual contains a variety of information. Like how to install a tv on a wall, how to use a remote, how to initialize it, and many others. All the features on the tv are also clearly informed. 

And here we give you an excerpt from the manual. If you like what you’re reading, you can download the TCL 55S515 Roku TV 4K HDR manual pdf at the end of this page.

Set up your TV

To make use of the stand

  • Place your TV on a soft, cushioned surface to prevent damage to the screen.
  • Align the stands with the screw holes on the TV by inserting the column of the stands into the TV.
  • Four (4) screws are used to secure the stands to the TV.

Mounting on a wall is an option (wall mount not included).

Don’t attach the stands if you’re installing your TV on the wall.

The VESA number refers to the mounting holes’ horizontal and vertical dimensions. 200X200, for example, denotes that the mounting dimensions are 200mm horizontally and 200mm vertically. Follow the directions on the wall mount that came with it. To avoid damage, your wall mount must be able to support at least five times the TV’s net weight.

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Warning: A television set should never be placed in an unstable area. A television set might fall and cause significant harm or death. Many injuries, especially those involving children, can be avoided by following basic measures like:

  • Using the television set’s manufacturer-recommended cabinets or stands.
  • Only place the television on furniture that may safely support it.
  • Make sure the TV doesn’t droop over the edge of the supporting furniture.
  • Not mounting the television on tall furniture (such as cabinets or bookcases) without securing both the furniture and the television to proper support.
  • Avoid placing the television set on a piece of fabric or other material that could be between it and the supporting furniture.
  • Children should be taught about the hazards of climbing on furniture to get to the television or its controls.

The same considerations should be followed if your present television set is being kept and relocated.


Do you need help completing the guided setup? Don’t worry; most of the time, it’s a simple repair.

4K Picture Quality

  • The quality of a 4K image is mostly determined on the source. Make sure the content you’re using is in 4K.
  • For optimal viewing in 4K, we recommend an Internet speed of 25Mbps.
  • “High-Speed HDMI cables” are recommended for cable, satellite, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players.

My image is far too tiny (black bars on the side)

  • Play your video/movie and then press the (*) asterisk.
  • Choose your preferred photo size from the drop-down menu.

How to install the Remote Control Mobile App

  • The free Roku software lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a full-featured remote control with voice search and a keypad.
  • Use Google Play or iTunes to get the Roku app on your phone or tablet.
  • Simply type “Roku App” into your search engine and select the Roku app from Roku Inc.
  • You’re on your way if you follow the onscreen directions.
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I’m unable to connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi).

  • Choose the right wireless network name and double-check the password (case sensitive).
  • Remove any obstructions to the router’s functioning (cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.).
  • Reboot the router by unplugging it for more than 2 minutes and then reconnecting it.

I’m having trouble using a coax cable to connect my cable/satellite box or antenna.

  • Use the HDMI connection for the best results. If this isn’t possible, make sure the cable connections to the TV and your device are secure.
  • Choose between a cable/satellite box and an antenna TV input.
  • To run a comprehensive channel scan, select “start locating channels” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Above is an excerpt from the Roku TV 4K HDR TCL 55 S515 manual. If you are interested in reading more details, please download the pdf manual from the download button below.

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