Samsung UN55TU8000 User Manual

Samsung UN55TU8000

You are very right to have purchased a Samsung TV UN55TU8000. This performance has been confirmed qualified. TVs from other brands are hard to beat. But forget about your fun for a moment, take your time to read this tv manual. Avoid your confusion and solve all your problems by reading the Samsung UN55TU8000 user manual.

You are very right to have purchased a Samsung TV UN55TU8000. This performance has been confirmed qualified. TVs from other brands are hard to beat. But forget about your fun for a moment, take your time to read this tv manual. Avoid your confusion and solve all your problems by reading the Samsung UN55TU8000 user manual.

Reading the Samsung UN55TU8000 manual will save you time studying this TV. Everything is available in the manual, you don’t have to guess what features and functions are on the TV.

To keep you informed, we provide an important excerpt from the contents of the Samsung UN55TU8000 manual below.


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Connection Guide

It uses graphics to demonstrate how to connect different external devices, such as TV devices, gaming consoles, and PCs. The connection information displayed when you pick a connection method and an external device.

  • Audio Devices: HDMI (ARC), Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Speaker Surround Setup (Wi-Fi)

Some versions include HDMI (ARC) support. Check the model of the purchased product’s HDMI port.

  • HDMI Video Device
  • Smartphone: SmartThings, Apple AirPlay, NFC on TV, Screen Sharing (Smart View).
  • Input Device: Remote Control, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Gamepad, Bluetooth Device
  • PC: HDMI, Screen Sharing (Wireless), Apple AirPlay
  • HDMI cable for game console
  • External storage options include USB flash drives and hard disk drives (HDDs).
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You can access several remedies while watching TV if you have a problem with your TV. If your problem isn’t solved in the Troubleshooting area, look through the FAQs or call the Samsung Call Center.

Picture Issues

Use the Picture Test to see if the problem is caused by the TV before going over the list of issues and remedies below. Picture Test shows you a high-resolution image that you may inspect for defects or errors.

  1. Flickering and Dimming

If your TV is intermittently flickering or dimming, you may need to stop some of the energy-saving functions. Ambient Light Detection, Power Saving Mode, Motion Lighting, and Contrast Enhancer may all be turned off.

Run the Image Test. Check the signal of the connected device if the image quality is normal.

  1. Screen Color and Component Connections

Run Picture Test if the color on your TV screen is off or the black and white hues are off. If the results of the tests show that the problem is not caused by the television, proceed as follows:

Confirm that the One Connect’s video input connections are linked to the right external device video output connectors when using it. Check that the green (Y), blue (Pb), and red (Pr) jacks are inserted into the correct connections when utilizing the component cable.

  1. Blurring, or Juddering

If you experience juddering or blurring on your screen, utilize the Picture Clarity Settings feature to fix it.

  1. Unwanted Powering Off

If your TV appears to switch off on its own, consider turning off any of the energy-saving features. Check to see if the Sleep Timer has been turned on. After a certain amount of time, the Sleep Timer turns the TV off automatically.

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Whether the Sleep Timer isn’t on, check to see if Auto Power Off or Off Timer is on and turn it off.

Check the choices in the SmartThings app on your mobile device for The Sero, such as The Sero Auto On/Off and Off Timer. The Sero Auto On/Off feature is designed to automatically turn on The Sero when your mobile device gets close to it and turn it off after a certain amount of time when it goes too far away.

  1. Problems Powering On

There are a few things to examine before calling the service department if you’re having trouble turning on your television.

Verify that the TV’s power cord is properly connected on both ends and that the remote control works properly. Make sure the antenna or cable TV cable is securely attached.

If you have a cable or satellite box, make sure it’s switched on and connected in. Check the One Invisible Connection between the TV and One Connect if your model supports One Connect.

Sound and Noise Issues

  1. What is the best way to connect an audio device to the television? The audio device’s connection mechanism, such as HDMI (eARC), Optical, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, may change.
  2. At maximum volume, there is no sound, or the sound is very low. Check the volume control on your TV, then the volume control on any external devices connected to your TV (cable box or satellite box, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.). Check the cable connection between an external device and the television, then reconnect the cable.
  3. Although the image is fine, there is no sound. Set the TV Speaker as the sound output. Check the device’s audio output option if you’re utilizing an external device. If the box linked to your TV uses an HDMI cable, you may need to change the audio option on your cable box to HDMI.
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Connect an external speaker to the computer’s audio output port to listen to computer sound. If your television has a headphone jack, make sure it’s not plugged in.

Disconnect and reconnect the power cable of the linked device to restart it. Check the cable connection and restart the external device with a set-top box or cable box. Contact your service provider if the condition continues.

Channel and Broadcast Issues

  1. In TV mode, “Weak or No Signal” appears, or you can’t find a station. Make sure that the external device is connected securely and switched on. To switch to another input source, go to Sources. Check the broadcast signals or the network that is connected to the external device while using a set-top box or cable box.
  1. Broadcasting has been turned off. Only when the Source is set to TV is broadcasting possible. A cable box or satellite box cannot be used to access broadcasting while watching TV. While a recording is in process or the Timeshift function is active, broadcasting cannot be accessible.

Above is a small snippet of the Samsung UN55TU8000 user guide. For more detailed information, you can download the pdf manual below. Hopefully, this can be useful for you.

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