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Manual Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 4.5 cu

Using the washing machine Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 will not be complicated when you have the manual. This document will guide you to use the machine properly.

The first thing you do when you buy a washing machine is turn it on. But you need to prepare before doing it. When you have a Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 washing machine, you definitely want to make good preparations so that the machine can last a long time.

Luckily there is a Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 guide which contains all the guides and information regarding this washing machine. Everything you need is in this manual. And here is a little snippet from the manual which you can download later on at the end of the page.


Follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper installation of the washer and to

prevent accidents when doing laundry.

Make sure all the parts are included in the product package. If you have a problem with

the washer or the parts, contact a local Samsung customer center or your retailer.

  • Use only the power cord that comes with the washer.
  • Do NOT connect the ground wire to plastic plumbing, gas lines, or hot water pipes.
  • Improperly connected grounding conductors may cause electric shock.
  • To prevent unnecessary risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury, all wiring and grounding must be done in accordance with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/ NFPA No. 70-Latest Revision (for the U.S.) or the Canadian Electrical Code CSA C22.1 – Latest Revisions and local codes and ordinances. It is your responsibility to provide adequate electrical service for your washer.
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Water supply

 Proper water pressure for this washer is between 20-116 psi (137-800 kPa). Water pressure less than 20 psi (137 kPa) may cause the water valve not to close completely. Or, it may take longer to fill the drum, causing the washer to turn off. Faucets must be within 4 feet (122 cm) from the rear of the washer so that the provided inlet hoses reach the washer. To reduce the risk of leaks: 

  • Make sure faucets are easily accessible. 
  • Turn off the taps when the washer is not in use.
  •  Check for any leaks at the water inlet hose fittings on a regular basis.

CAUTION Before using the washer for the first time, check all connections at the water valve and taps for any leaks. 

There are still many continuations from the above guide, you can continue reading in more detail by downloading the pdf Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 Manual which is below.


Samsung recommends a standpipe 18 in (46 cm) high. The drain hose must be connected through the hose clip to the standpipe, and the standpipe must fully cover the drain hose.


For best performance, the washer must be installed on a solid floor. Wood floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibration and/or unbalanced loads. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces do not provide good resistance to vibrations and may cause the washer to move slightly during the spin cycle. 

CAUTION: Do NOT install the washer on a platform or a poorly supported structure. 

Water temperature 

Do not install the washer in areas where water may freeze as the washer always retains some water in its water valves, pumps, and/or hoses. Frozen water left in the connection parts may cause damage to belts, the pump, and other components of the washe

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Samsung Smart Home (applicable models only


Visit the Google Play Store, Galaxy Apps, or Apple App Store and search for “Samsung Smart Home”. Download and install the Samsung Smart Home app provided by Samsung Electronics to your smart device. 


  • The Samsung Smart Home app is designed for Android 4.0 (ICS) or higher, or iOS 7.0 or higher, and is optimized for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). On other smartphone models, some functions may operate differently.
  •  For improved performance, the Samsung Smart Home app is subject to change without notice. 

Samsung account

You are required to register your Samsung account to use the app. If you don’t have a Samsung account, follow the app’s onscreen instructions to create a free Samsung account.

Getting started 

  1. Turn on your Washer.
  2. Insert the SmartHome Adapter into the cSmart Home Adapter port of your washing machine.
  3. Run the Samsung Smart Home app and log in with your Samsung account. iPhone users are required to provide the login information each time they access the app.


Smart Care

The Smart Care function helps you diagnose and troubleshoot your washer if it has a problem. To enable this function, you must first download the Samsung Smart Washer app from the Play Store or the Apple Store, and install it on a mobile device that has a camera. The Smart Washer Smart Care function has been optimized for: 

Galaxy and iPhone series devices. (It is not supported by some models.) As the washer operates, it runs it’s self-diagnosis function in the background. If it senses a problem, it displays an information code on the display which you can scan using the app’s Smart Care function. The Smart Care function will then display detailed information about the code.

  1. To enable the Smart Care function.
  • Press and hold Super Speed on the washer for 3 seconds to enter the Smart Care mode. (only for WF45K6500A* model)
  • Press the Smartcare button to enter the Smart Care mode. (only for WF45K6200A* model)
  1. Run the Samsung Smart Washer app on your mobile device, and then tap Smart Care.
  2. Hold the mobile device so that the mobile device and the washer’s display panel face each other. The app will recognize the information code automatically.
  3. When the information code is recognized correctly, the app provides detailed information about the symptom and recommends further action. 
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  • The function name, Smart Care, may differ depending on your language.
  • If the washer display is reflecting light, the app may fail to recognize the information code.
  • If the app fails to recognize the information code code a number of times consecutively, enter the information code manually into the app screen.

There are still many continuations from the above guide, you can continue reading in more detail by downloading the pdf Samsung WF45K6500AV/A2 WF6500 Manual which is below.

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