Earbuds Soundpeats Truefree 2 Manual

Soundpeats Truefree 2

A manual is a useful document to help buyers to learn about the product. Make sure you read the Soundpeats Truefree 2 user manual.

Surely you are happy that you bought the TWS Soundpeats Truefree 2. Because of the many positive reviews of this earbud. You can not wait to immediately listen to your favorite music. But before doing that we suggest you read the manual.

The next step you need to do is open the box, later you will find the Soundpeats Truefree 2 Earbuds manual. This complete guide is useful to help you learn the earbuds thoroughly.

To make it easier for you if you are lazy to read in its entirety we will provide an important snippet from the Soundpeats Truefree 2 user manual.

Using the Earbuds

  1.  Determine which earbud is on the left and which is on the right.
  2. Adjust the earbuds to the ideal angle by rotating them.
  3. Check to see if your cymba conchae is nst.
  4. Check that the ear tip is securely attached to the ear canal.


  1. Remove both earphones from the charging case and check that the charging case has enough power; the earbuds will immediately enter TWS Pairing mode. When the left and right earphones successfully connect, you will hear a voice prompt. The earbud’s indicator turns off, and the right indicator alternates between red and white, with the audio prompt “pairing” signifying pairing mode.
  2. On the Bluetooth list, look for “SOUNDPEATS TrueFree 2” and click it to connect. When the earbuds successfully connect with your device, you will hear a voice prompt “connected” from the right earbud.
  3. The TrueFree 2 Bluetooth earbuds from SOUNDPEATS can recall previously paired devices. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your device and remove both earphones from the charging case to initiate the second connection. They’ll automatically connect to each other and reconnect to your smartphone. If the earbuds do not connect to your device immediately, please turn on Bluetooth on your device and select “SOUNDPEATS TrueFree 2” from the Bluetooth list.
  4. When the SOUNDPEATS TrueFree 2 is successfully paired, both the left and right earbuds can be utilized independently.
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Note: If you wish to alter the pairing device’s connected state, just press the multifunction button for 5 seconds while the headset is off to put it into pairing mode.


If you can’t get a connection between two earphones or between earbuds and your smartphone to work, try the instructions below to reset it:

  1. The earphones and all of your devices have a clear pairing record.
  2. Re-insert both earbuds into the charging case and make sure they’re charged. Then, for 10 seconds, push and hold the multifunction button on both earphones until the LED lights on both earbuds turn white twice. The reset has been completed.


The SOUNDPEATS TrueFree 2 Bluetooth earphones come with a charging case that doubles as a travel case and a charging dock for the earbuds. The charging case has a built-in rechargeable battery that can charge the earphones four times (both left and right).

Charging the earbuds

At the manufacturer, the earbuds are half charged. Before you use them for the first time, ensure they’re completely charged.

  1. Place the earbuds in the charging stations that correspond to them, and double-check that the charging contactors are the same.
  2. When it begins to charge, the LED indication will become red.
  3. When the earphones are fully charged, the red LED indication will turn off.

Charging the case

The last white led indicator flashes when the charging case’s battery level is low; please recharge the case:

  1. Use a Type-C charging adapter or a computer with a Type-C connector to connect the charging port. (less than 5V 1A current)
  2.  When not in use for a long period, please charge the earphones at least once every three months.
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Download Manual

This is an excerpt from the Soundpeats Truefree 2 user manual. We hope you find what you are looking for, and understand how to use and care for Soundpeats Truefree 2. If you still haven’t found the guide from the article above, you can download the complete pdf guide from the link below.

Take a moment to read the full pdf document and find all the information you are looking for. Hopefully your Earbuds are durable and long lasting.

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