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Manual Maytag MHW6000AW Maxima XL Front Load

Maytag MHW6000AW Maxima XL Front Load

When you buy a new product, the first thing you should do is learn about it. So, before you use this washing machine, read the Maytag MHW6000AW manual thoroughly.

You will be perplexed if you do not read the handbook. That’s why the handbook for the Maytag MHW6000AW Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer with the PowerWash cycle is included in the purchasing package. It’s designed to make learning about your new washing machine a little easier for you.

Take a moment to read the Maytag MHW6000AW manual before using this washing machine. This will make it easier for you to locate useful features and functions. Most importantly, to prevent unwanted damage.

We’ll give a good idea about what’s in the manual. We trust that you will quickly grasp the Maytag MHW6000AW Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer with the PowerWash Cycle.

The table of contents for the pdf handbook may be found here.

  • Washer Safety
  • Accessories
  • Control Panel And Features
  • Using The Dispenser Drawer
  • Cycle Guide
  • Using Your Washer
  • Washer Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty
  • Assistance Or Service

Control panel and features

  • Delay
    • If a Delay Start is set, the Delay indicator will light and the delay time will count down in the display.
  • Door Locked
    • The indicator Door Locked will illuminate to show that the door is locked and cannot be opened without halting or canceling the cycle.
  • Sensing
    • When you press and hold START, the washer will run a self-test on the door lock mechanism and the detecting light will illuminate. A click will be heard, the drum will turn partially, and the door will unlock for a brief while before locking again.
    • The washer will start tumbling and adding water once the door has been locked for the second time. Throughout the cycle, this sensing process will continue. You could also hear water coming through the dispenser as detergent is added to the load.
    • Following the detection of the load size, the estimated time depending on load size will be displayed. Although the actual cycle time may be extended, the display will still reflect the predicted time.
    • At certain periods during the cycle, such as when the washer is decreasing surplus suds, the sensing light will flash once every second..
  • Add a Garment
    • You can pause the washer, open the door, and add items when “Add a Garment” is lighted.
  • Steaming
    • This light will indicate that the cycle is using a steam boost for increased cleaning power.
  • Done
    • This light will turn on once the cycle is finished. For best outcomes, remove the burden as soon as possible. During this time, the Done indicator is also illuminated.
    • Fresh Hold® or Fresh SpinTM option.
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Using The Dispenser Drawer 

  1. Open the dispenser drawer.
  2. Add laundry products as directed in the “Using Your Washer” section, steps 4–6.
  3. Slowly close the dispenser drawer. Make sure it is completely closed.

 NOTE: NOTE: A tiny amount of water from the previous wash cycle may remain in the dispensers. This is normal

Cycle Guide 

The bolded settings and options are the cycle’s default settings. Choose the cycle, options, and settings that best suit the load being washed for the finest fabric care. Some choices cannot be used concurrently, and not all settings are available with each cycle. 


  • On some models, not all cycles and settings are accessible.
  • A cold rinse is included in every wash temperature option.
  • On the control panel, not all temperatures or spin speeds are labeled.

Washer Maintenance

Water Inlet Hoses 

To limit the danger of hose failure, replace intake hoses after 5 years of operation. If bulges, kinks, cuts, damage, or leaks are discovered, inspect and replace the inlet hoses regularly. Mark the date of replacement on the label with a permanent marker when replacing your inlet hoses.

Washer Care

Recommendations for Keeping Your Washer Clean and Running at Full Capacity.

  1. Always use High Efficiency (HE) detergents and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how much to use. Never use more detergent or soil residue than is recommended because this will increase the rate at which detergent and soil residue accumulate within your washer, resulting in an unpleasant stench.
  2. Warm or hot water washers (rather than only cold water washers) are preferable because they limit the rate at which dirt and detergent collect.
  3. To assist dry out the washer and preventing the buildup of odor-causing residue, leave the door slightly ajar between uses.
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Cleaning Your Front Loading Washer 

Before you start the cleaning procedures outlined below, make sure you read them all the way through. To control the rate at which dirt and detergent may otherwise accumulate in your washer, do this Washer Maintenance Procedure at least once per month or every 30 wash cycles, whichever comes first.

The above is a short excerpt from the pdf manual’s contents. You may learn more about the Maytag MHW6000AW by downloading the Maytag MHW6000AW pdf manual from the link below.

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