Owner Manual LG LTCS20220S 20 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Manual LG LTCS20220S 20 Top Freezer Refrigerator

The manual document in the refrigerator purchase box is not useless. The owner’s manual is an important document that provides technical information for users. Manufacturers expect users to get complete information before using the refrigerator.

But sometimes we lose the manual document. For that, we are here to provide solutions. We are going to give the owner manual for LG LTCS20220S 20. First, we will provide a little snippet of the manual.

Use your fridge 

Ensuring proper air circulation 

Air must flow between the freezer and refrigerator compartments to maintain a stable temperature. As shown in the figure below,  cold air enters from the bottom and circulates upward. This air returns to the freezer floor and the rest of the air enters the refrigerator compartment through the upper vents. 

Do not block these openings with a hood wrapper. This can impede airflow and cause temperature and humidity issues.

IMPORTANT: As air circulates between both sections,  odors accumulated in one section will move to the other. Both parts need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the odor. Make sure to wrap or cover the food tightly to prevent odor transfer and food drying (see the Food Storage Guide section for more information). 

Note: If you close the fresh food compartment door with more force than necessary, the freezer door may open and close due to the airflow inside the refrigerator.

Customize control settings 

 Wait for the refrigerator to cool completely before adding food. It’s best to wait 24 hours before putting food in the fridge. The medium settings given in the previous section should be correct for regular use of a home refrigerator. If the milk or juice is cold to your liking and the ice cream is hard, the controls are set correctly. The refrigerator controller acts as a thermostat for the entire appliance. 

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The higher the number setting, the longer the compressor will run and the lower the temperature will be. Freezer control regulates the flow of cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator. Setting the freezer control to a lower temperature keeps more cold air in the freezer compartment and makes it cooler. If you need to adjust the temperature of your fridge or freezer, start by adjusting the fridge first. After installing the refrigerator, wait 24 hours and check below freezing. If it’s too warm or too cold,  adjust the freezer controls as well.

Troubleshooting guide 

Understand the sounds you may hear 

Your new fridge may make a noise that your old one didn’t. Most of the new noise is normal. Hard surfaces such as floors, walls, and closets can cause this. The sound sounds louder than it really is. The types of noise you hear and their causes are explained below. 

  • Clicks:  When the automatic defrost cycle starts and ends, the defrost control is clicked. The thermostat control (or refrigerator control on some models) is also clicked to turn it on and off.
  • Rattle: The rattling noise can come from the flow of refrigerants,  water pipes, or items stored on top of the refrigerator.

Download Owner Manual LG LTCS20220S

That’s a little snippet from the owner’s manual for the LG LTCS20220S. For more complete information, you can download the pdf file that we have attached below. Please click the download button.

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