Instruction Manual Wahl 05567-200 Ear, Nose & Brow Battery Trimmer

Wahl 05567-200 Ear, Nose & Brow Battery Trimmer

What should you do with your new trimmer? Let’s find out more about this tool with the Wahl 05567-200 Ear, Nose & Brow Battery Trimmer Instruction Manual. Get a better experience by reading this manual.

With the development of technology, we tend to look for good and comfortable equipment. A Trimmer tool is a tool that we often use. We often clean ear hair, nose, and other hairs using a trimmer.

Wahl is one of the best manufacturers of shavers and trimmers. Maybe this shaver looks simple and easy to operate. However, to know more about how to use it, please read the manual. In the following, we provide an excerpt from the contents of the manual.

Before Using, Read All Instructions

  1. When this trimmer is used by, on, or around minors or invalids, close supervision is required.
  2. Only use this trimmer for the purposes specified in this handbook.
  3. This trimmer should not be used if the blade is damaged or broken, as this might result in harm.
  4. If you’re getting rid of an old battery, don’t put it in the fire since the heat might cause it to burst or explode. Also, do not use a nickel-cadmium battery charger to recharge alkaline, heavy-duty, or ordinary batteries.

Remember To Save These Instructions. • Installation And Replacement Of Batteries

  1. Place your thumb on the arrow molded into the battery compartment cover while holding the trimmer with the cutting head towards you. To remove the cover, softly press it and slide it downward.
  2. One AA battery, positive end first, should be inserted (toward the cutting head).
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover and replace it.
  4. Turn the trimmer “OFF” immediately after each usage to extend battery life. To avoid hair tugging, replace the battery as soon as you detect the trimmer performing slower than usual.
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Trimming Heads Installation

  1. Ensure that the trimmer is switched “OFF.”
  2. Liftoff the trimmer head by turning it 1/4 turn counterclockwise.
  3. Place the trimmer head on the trimmer and secure it in place by turning the trimmer head 1/4 turn clockwise. Remove the protective cap before trimming and turn the trimmer “ON” by pressing the switch up.

Trimming Eyebrows

To trim stray eyebrow hairs, carefully move the Rotary, Reciprocating, or Detail Head. Move the trimmer closer or farther away to get the desired length for precise, even trimming of the whole brow. If your kit contains an eyebrow guide comb, you may use it to trim your brows properly.

Trimming Hair From Nose

Make sure your nasal passageways are free of debris. Move the trimmer in and out of each nostril slowly, no more than 1/4″ in each nostril. To lessen the tickling feeling, press the side of the cutting head firmly against the skin.

Trimming Hair From Ears

Make sure there is no wax in the outer parts of the ears before trimming them. With one hand, hold the ear flat and carefully insert the Rotary Head into the outer ear no more than 1/4-inch.

CAUTION: Never put the Rotary Head or any other foreign item in your inner ear. Simply slide the Rotary Head carefully over the margins of the ear to trim the hair growing on the outside (any cutting head may be used to trim the hair from the ears).

Sideburns and Mustache

Gently slide the Reciprocating Head across the required region to trim sideburns.

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Cleaning Your Trimmer

Turn the trimmer “OFF” after each usage and rinse both cutting heads under warm, running water. Remove the connected cutting head by rotating it slightly counterclockwise for a more thorough cleaning. Then, under running water, thoroughly rinse the entire head. Replace the preferred cutting head by twisting slightly clockwise after cleaning, and wipe the trimmer dry with a soft cloth. Before storage, always replace the protective cap.

Above is an excerpt from the pdf contents of the Wahl 05567-200 Ear, Nose & Brow Battery Trimmer manual. If you want to read it in more detail then please download the document from the button we have provided below.

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