User Manual LG Electronics LGL57BL Rebel 2 LTE GSM TracFone

User Manual and User Guide LG Electronics LGL57BL Rebel 2 LTE GSM TracFone solves the problem if you run into trouble.

Table of contents

  1. Features you will love
  2. quick share
  3. QuickMemo+
  4. KnockON
  5. Knock Code
  6. Do not disturb
  7. Basics
  8. Accessories
  9. Device layout
  10. Turning Your Device On and Off
  11. Installing the battery
  12. Charging the battery
  13. Inserting a memory card
  14. Removing the memory card
  15. Touch screen tips
  16. Tap or touch
  17. Touch and hold
  18. Drag
  19. Swipe or slide
  20. Double-tap
  21. Pinch-to-Zoom
  22. Google account setup
  23. Creating your Google account
  24. Signing into your Google account
  25. Locking and unlocking the device
  26. Changing the screen lock method
  27. Smart Lock
  28. Home screen
  29. Getting to Know the Home Screen
  30. Returning to recently-used applications
  31. Customizing the Home screen
  32. Using folders from the Home screen
  33. Notifications panel
  34. Capturing a screenshot
  35. On-screen keyboard
  36. Using the keypad and entering text
  37. Entering special characters
  38. Transferring data between a PC and the
  39. device
  40. Transferring data using USB connection
  41. Apps
  42. Installing or uninstalling apps
  43. To open the Play Store app
  44. To open a screen with details about an
  45. app
  46. To uninstall applications
  47. Calls
  48. Making a call
  49. Calling your contacts
  50. Answering and rejecting a call
  51. Making a second call
  52. Viewing your call logs
  53. Change your call settings
  54. Contacts
  55. Searching for a contact
  56. Adding a new contact
  57. Favorites contacts
  58. Creating a group
  59. Messaging
  60. Sending a message
  61. Conversation view
  62. Changing your messaging settings
  63. Camera
  64. Taking a photo
  65. Viewfinder options
  66. Interval shot
  67. Burst shot
  68. Gesture shot
  69. Multi-point Auto-focus
  70. Once you have taken a photo
  71. Recording a video
  72. After recording a video
  73. Gallery
  74. Viewing pictures
  75. Editing photos
  76. Setting wallpaper
  77. Zooming in and out
  78. Playing a video
  79. Deleting photos/videos
  80. Email
  81. Adding an account
  82. Working with account folders
  83. Composing and sending email
  84. Changing the Email app settings
  85. Deleting an email account
  86. Music
  87. Playing a song
  88. Music player options
  89. FM Radio
  90. Clock
  91. Alarm
  92. World clock
  93. Timer
  94. Stopwatch
  95. Calculator
  96. Calendar
  97. Voice Recorder
  98. Recording a sound or voice
  100. Google apps
  101. Settings
  102. Access the Settings menu
  103. Wireless Networks
  104. Airplane mode
  105. Wi-Fi
  106. Bluetooth
  107. Mobile data
  108. Call
  109. Tethering
  110. Mobile networks
  111. VPN
  112. Emergency alerts
  113. Printing
  114. Device
  115. So
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Turning Your Device on and Off

Turning your device on Press and hold the Power/Lock Key on the back of the device for a couple of seconds until the screen turns on. Turning your device off 1 Press and hold the Power/Lock Key on the back of the device until the Device options menu appears. 2 Tap Power off in the Device options menu. 3 Tap POWER OFF to confirm that you want to turn off the device.

Installing the battery

Before you can start exploring your new device, you’ll need to set it up. 1 To remove the back cover, hold the device firmly in one hand. With your other hand, lift off the back cover with your thumbnail as shown in the figure below.

Insert the battery

To replace the cover onto the device, align the back cover over the battery compartment and press it down until it clicks into place.

Installing or uninstalling apps

Play Store allows you to browse and search for free and paid application.

To open a screen with details about an app

At any time while browsing in Play Store, tap an app to open its details screen. The App details screen includes a description, ratings, comments, and related information about the app. From this screen, you can download, install, uninstall, rate the app, and more.

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