User Manual KIA 2019 Niro Cars

KIA 2019 Niro Cars

This page contains a small snippet of the KIA 2019 Niro Cars user manual. For more details, please download the pdf file at the bottom of this page.


Charging Information

  1. AC Charger: The plug-in hybrid vehicle is charged by plugging into an AC Charger installed in your home or a public charging station.
  2. For further details, refer to the ‘AC Charge’.)
  3. Trickle Charger: The plug-in hybrid vehicle can be charged by using household electricity.
  4. The electrical outlet in your home must comply with regulations and can safely accommodate the Voltage / Current (Amps) / Power Watts) ratings specified on the trickle charge. Use only as a back- up charger.

Charging Time

  1. AC Charger: Takes about 2 hours minutes at room temperature.
  2. Can be charged to 100%.).
  3. Depending on the condition and durability of the high-voltage battery, charger specifications, and ambient temperature, the time required for charging the high-volt- age battery may vary.
  4. Trickle Charger: For charging at home. Please note that the Trickle Charger is slower than the AC Charger.

Please download the following pdf KIA 2019 Niro Cars user manual file.


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