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Guide and Manual Keurig K-DUO Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Keurig K-DUO Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Coffee is now a drink that is liked by many people. With the Keurig K-DUO Single Serve Carafe Coffee Maker, you can make your own coffee at home with a delicious taste. If you have difficulty when using this tool, then this time we will share User Manual and User Guide PDF.

User manual and Guide Coffee Maker for Keurig K-DUO

Plug & Place

  • Remove packing tape from brewer and plug into an outlet.
  • Single Cup – Place a large mug (12oz minimum) on the drip tray.
  • Carafe – Rinse the carafe and place it on the heating plate.

Rinse & Fill

  • Remove the water reservoir lid, then lift the reservoir straight up to remove it.
  • If you have a Keurig® Water Filter, install it now. Refer to your Water Filter Starter Kit for instructions.
  • Fill the reservoir with fresh water to the MAX fill line.
  • Replace water reservoir, making sure the lock tabs engage with the brewer.

Power On & Set Clock

  • Press the POWER button.
  • Use the H/M buttons to set the clock, then press the blinking BREW button to confirm the time.
  • NOTE: The clock must be set in order to use the Auto Brew functionality.

Cleansing Brew – Single Cup

  • Press the POD button – the 4 brew size buttons will blink. Do not insert a K-Cup® pod. Press the 8 button – the brew indicator light will blink. Press the BREW button to start the cleansing brew.
  • The cleansing brew will begin once the brewer is heated. The initial heating process will take about 4 minutes. The brew indicator light will pulse slowly on and off while the brewer is heating, and the light will turn solid once the brew begins.
  • The brew is complete when the brew indicator light is no longer illuminated. Pour the hot water into the sink.
  • NOTE: Between brew cycles, the brewer may take about a minute to reheat
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Cleansing Brew – Carafe

  • Do not fill the filter basket with coffee grounds. Press the CARAFE button – the 4 brew size buttons will blink, press the 8 buttons.
  • The brew indicator light will blink. Press the BREW button to start the cleansing brew.
  • The CARAFE button will illuminate red to indicate the heating plate is on when the cleansing brew is complete. Press and hold the CARAFE button to turn the heating plate off, and pour the hot water into the sink.


Grounds in Your Coffee

Grounds may have gathered in the exit or entrance needles and can be cleaned using a straightened paper clip or similar tool.

  • Clean the exit needle of the K-Cup® pod holder. Refer to the Exit Needle care instructions.
  • Clean the brewer entrance needle. Refer to the Entrance Needle care instructions.
  • Carafe brewing – The maximum capacity for regular ground coffee is 15 tablespoons and 12 tablespoons for decaf. Exceeding this amount may cause overflow.

Brewer Will Not Brew

  • After placing the K-Cup® pod in the K-Cup® pod holder, make sure that the handle is pushed down securely.
  • If the add water light is illuminated, add water to water reservoir. Fill to and not beyond the MAX fill line. Make sure the water reservoir is seated properly in its base. If the add water light continues to be illuminated even after refilling, contact Customer Service.
  • If all of the buttons blink simultaneously, contact Customer Service.

Brewing a Partial Cup or Carafe

  • Make sure there is enough water in the water reservoir to perform the selected brew size.
  • The exit needle may be clogged. Refer to the Exit Needle care instructions.
  • The water reservoir may have been removed during brewing. Replace the water reservoir and perform a rinsing brew without a K-Cup® pod.
  • The brewer may need to be descaled. If you have repeated the descale procedure on your brewer two times and it is still only brewing a partial cup, contact Customer Service.
  • The drip stop may be clogged. Remove the filter basket drawer and filter basket and rinse thoroughly to remove any grounds in the plunger.
  • If you live at a high altitude and experience short carafe brews, please contact Customer Service.
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Brewer Does Not Have Power or Shuts Off

  • Make sure that you have pressed the POWER button to turn the brewer on.
  • Plug brewer into its own grounded outlet. If the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances, your brewer may not function.

Above is a small excerpt of the user guide and the Keurig K-DUO Single Serve Guide and Manual. For the full version, please download the manual pdf version below.

8 thoughts on “Guide and Manual Keurig K-DUO Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

  • Linda Sprunger

    My machine is blinking simultaneously. I truly want this brewer to work. Can you help me?

    • The flashing light problem is usually because there is lime scale in the machine, please check your coffee machine.

      • Terri Belknap

        I go to brew a pot of coffee it starts like normal. Sounds like it will start the water, and then it automatically switches to the warm button. Nothing has brewed

  • mary lande

    just purchased my machine and it stated that it will stay on for about 2 hours. mine shuts off after the coffee is finished brewing. how do i keep it on for additional servings

  • Marlene

    My coffee filter tray won’t come out.

  • Susan

    It worked this morning. Then I tried to clean it by running water and vinegar through it. 1st single cup came out fine. Then I tried the carafe side and it only spits out a little. So I tried the single cup again amd now that is doing the same thing. The decade light was not on when I started but now it is. What the heck did I do wrong?

    • Dennis Young

      Needs to be descaled. Vinegar and water.also remove tank, brew basket and carafate. Unplug and turn upside down, rotate in all directions. Run descale again. Worked for me.

  • Brenda

    Hi there! When I close the lid to brew a pod it starts and then doesn’t finish until I put pressure on it. When I open the lid there is a plastic part that kind of just hangs there loose. Looks like it’s supposed to hang on a little metal bar in there. Can you help please?


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